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Our Menu

For the week of November 1st, 2023


Our Mole del Dia

Mole Negro

The Mole where you take ingredients from every corner of your kitchen, throw them in the fire, and turn them to ash. 

Something beautiful is then born from the flames. 

Paired with duck and succulent winter squash.

Tetela Mixteca

From the beloved region that is Oaxaca-Puebla-Guerrero, we give you one of the more iconic dishes. 

A Tetela stuffed with requeson and topped with crema de Huitlacoche, habanada peppers, pomegranate seeds, and micro shizo.


Tlayuda Occidental

A wonderful dish inspired by the remarkable flavors of the Oaxacan Cosast. 
Maiz, con salsa de papalo, kampachi, chapulines, and pea tendrols topped with yuzu and tangerine oil. 

Sopa Otomi

Inspired by the people from the State of Hidalgo. 
Made up of seasonal components along with wonderful chochoyotes (masa dumplings).

Truly a nod to the people of the Mezquital Valley and their way of eating from the land. 


Ensalada Cardini

Inspired by the Cardini Brothers, who in 1924 in their Italian Restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico created what the world would come to know as the Caesar Salad. 

to view the entire menu download the PDF

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